Visibility of assets

Having real-time visibility of all assets within the company helps in better operational management withing the organization. From keeping track of all assets to managing their maintenance schedules, our RFID and NFC tags give you the desired control over all your assets. You also get better control over your production processes and avoid last minute delays and associated wastage, thereby leading to enhanced efficiencies.


Reduced risks

With RFID or NFC based identity on each asset, you can now get free of worries about loss of assets in transit from one location or another. Assets like pallets, industrial containers, or equipment that has been sent for maintenance often get lost in transit with no way to trace their whereabouts. With out products you can trace the location of every asset, reduce shrinkage and much more.


Cost savings

With the ability to trace all details of an asset with a single tag scan, Perfect ID’s RFID and NFC tags help you save on labor costs, time costs, and effort costs in one go. Also, with the removal of human-led methods of tracking and tracing asset details, you get rid of the associated errors.