Laundry management

Laundry management is a big component of the hospitality supply chain. Hotels lose money every year with overstocking of linen and sometimes running out-of-stock due to improper inventory management and stock check mechanisms which further leads to delayed housekeeping schedules and customer dissatisfaction. Perfect ID’s FabtrakTM tags are designed specially for textile assets. With the tags on, hotels can automate their inventory monitoring processes, optimize housekeeping schedules in between vacated rooms to reduce lead time, monitor the quality of textile, reduce costs arising due to overstocking of linen and much more.


Customer experience

In order to deliver an immaculate customer experience, every hotel strives to stand ahead of the competition. RFID can offer the necessary edge to hotels in terms of adherence to COVID-related protocols, hygiene, safety, and also personalization of the stay experience for each guest. Supported with faster check-ins and outs, and ease of accessing shared spaces like the bar and restaurants, RFID can automate a lot of processes for hotels which eventually percolate into an excellent experience for guests, adding to their delight.


Enhanced safety and risk mitigation

Hotels thrive on short-term stays and have to deal with a large number of people moving in and out on a daily basis. Security, therefore, becomes a very important part of the entire business. Security of hotel assets as well as security of guests and their assets – everything is the responsibility of the hotel. RFID scanners and panels located at designated spaces can help in authentication and monitoring, and therefore, effectively manage risk on hotel premises. Moreover, it also helps in improving staff efficiency, reducing manpower overheads and ultimately costs.