Tire genealogy and traceability

Serialized RFID tagging of tires right at the time of manufacturing helps in tracing the history of the tire along with all sourcing details. Perfect ID’s FlexTM tags offer 100% component level traceability throughout the manufacturing process and across the lifecycle of the tire all the way up to recycling.

Traceability of tires also helps the customer and dealers in getting complete access to all details including date and point of sale which further helps in tackling warranty related claims better.


Inventory management

Tire tracking offers real-time visibility of inventory status across warehouses, distributors, and dealer locations, allowing us to maintain accurate replenishment cycles on a FIFO basis. Being resilient to extreme conditions like temperature, humidity, and abrasion, FlexTM tags help you to keep track of your tire stock at all times, thereby supporting supply chain automation, traceability compliance, enhanced process efficiency, and much more.



Considering the volumes in which tires are used and discarded every year across the world, it is not easy to track their whereabouts after discarding them. Inability to track and trace them leads to a bunch of environmental hazards including piling up of landfills, burning of tires causing massive air pollution due to release of toxic gases in the environment. Therefore, it is essential to track discarded tires and ensure that they are recycled properly and reused. This way we are not only increasing the longevity of the tires but also contributing significantly towards a sustainable environment.