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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to give the world a facelift, there are a bunch of technologies whose contribution to making IoT what it is today cannot be undermined. On the top of the list comes RAIN RFID, commonly known as passive UHF RFID technology. The transformational powers of UHF RFID are known to many now, the biggest of them is perhaps the role it plays in enabling the true potential of IoT. While IoT runs on the mantra of connected devices, people, and places, RFID acts as the enabler in giving a digital identity to each of the above, whether electronically enabled or not. Today, while a smartphone or a smartwatch is an electronically powered device allowing for connectivity with the cloud and other devices seamlessly, would it be the same case for a bag of rice or a forklift in a warehouse or a piece of apparel in a garment store? What makes these otherwise non-electronically-powered assets become a part of the connected IoT system? The answer is RAIN RFID.

How can Perfect ID products help?

At Perfect ID, we bring in more than 50 years of collective experience in developing RFID tags. we are dedicated to provide a platform to automate and improve workload balance while identifying and removing bottlenecks and increasing the efficiency, all the while maximising the correct use of production resources to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Our focus is on converting and manufacturing RFID labels of unparallel quality to be used in range of applications, starting from Automated Toll Collection to Supply Chain Management, from Identity Authentication to Asset Management, and many more.

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