Patient identification and tracking

Perfect ID’s NFC wristbands are of great use in tracking patients, their whereabouts, and relevant details like medicine courses, allergies, test and diagnostic status, and much more. This creates a hassle-free experience for patients and saves them from piles of paperwork and associated risks of loss.


Track and trace compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing

The heavily regulated and stringent environment in which pharma manufacturers operate needs them to have real-time visibility of all their operations with detailed time-stamped records of every activity, also known as audit trails. RFID and IoT technologies hold the key to enable pharma manufacturers to achieve operational excellence. Perfect ID’s tags and readers can help you track and trace all your batches and also facilitates in keep electronic batch manufacturing records (eBMR) which is fast catching up as a compliance norm among pharma companies of the world.


Medicine and equipment tracking

Hospitals need to have a hawk’s eye view of medicine and equipment inventory along with track and trace of their movement within and outside their premises. With RFID and NFC tags, hospitals can easily manage their assets, ensure their timely maintenance, keep a track of surgical equipment, ensure the sterilization and sanitization status of all equipment, manage medicine stock checks, and so much more.