Attendee management

Waiting in queues for getting entry to an event is the most painful part for any attendee. Nothing would delight people more than a means to speed up the entry process. ActtrakTM can exactly do that and beyond. People can ideally just walk past an RFID gateway or portal and that’s all it takes to authenticate their entry into the event. Being tamper-proof, they also help in preventing the entry of fake identities into events.


Race timings

At any racing event or marathon, participants and organizers need to know the exact timings and analytics of every athlete capable of meticulously determining the winners. ActtrakTM range of race bibs and tags helps organizers presiding not on race timings but also on attendance, split timing, and other metrics for athletes.


Attendee engagement metrics

During multi-day summits involving multiple speakers and participants, it is worthwhile for event organizers to have a way to gauge interactivity between various sessions, understand attendee interests, inclinations, and much more. RFID can help you get all these insights and much more.