Inventory tracking

Using the EcomretTM range of tags, you can now automate your cycle count and stock take cycles, put stock inquiries on time, manage replenishment cycles better, and much more. Overall, RFID and NFC tags hold the potential to give your inventory management processes a facelift and help you reach near-accurate inventory levels across offline and online channels at all times.


Counterfeit protection

The world of retail is heavily pressed with the problem of counterfeit products entering the supply chain at different stages of the product’s movement. Using EcomretTM you are powered to track and trace the movement of every item throughout the supply chain thereby reducing risks of counterfeit and illegal activities and also overcoming shrinkage issues.


Customer satisfaction

Riding on the trend wave, timely delivery, hassle-free returns are some of the key things that delight today’s customer. Achieve that and much more with EcomretTM .