FASTags are the heart of National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program

FASTags are UHF RFID tags used to collect toll payments directly from vehicles passing toll plazas across highways in India. They are small tags that are affixed to the windshields of vehicles. What makes FASTags like TurboTM unique is that each tag is exclusive to one vehicle only. This nullifies any attempt of counterfeiting the tag and also adds security to the connected bank account of the vehicle owner, preventing any misuse of the tag and associate payment. The tags are tamper-proof, meaning once applied they cannot be removed. These tags have a long-read range, thereby allowing their detection from a distance. FASTags have significantly helped in reducing traffic congestion in toll plazas thereby saving time and fuel costs and further contributing to reduction in carbon footprint.


Access control in residential/office premises

Security is a feature that is uncompromisable. Whether it is a residential condominium or office premises, having control over access to the premises is the first step towards the security of the place. It is, therefore, critical to have a robust security system at the entry and exit points to prevent any unauthorized access. TurboTM tags are affixed to every authorized vehicle on the given premises. RFID panels integrated with boom barriers placed at the entry and exit gateways identify vehicles basis the tags and allow access only upon successful authentication.


Smart parking in smart cities

With cities advancing towards the concept of ‘smart cities’, IoT is increasingly gaining foothold in the space. A smart parking system powered by IoT and RFID technology can not only increase efficiency of parking management, but also provide faster entry and exit, thereby increasing user experience, reduce manpower and associated costs, enhance security and much more.