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  • Dec 11, 2023
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All You Need to Know About Walmarts RFID Tagging Mandate

With the need to optimize supply chains and cut down on time-consuming efforts, retailers including Walmart and Nordstrom have turned to RFID technology as a solution. They have mandated that their suppliers pre-label certain products they are shipping to them with RFID labels. Walmart issued a mandate in September 2022 that requires some apparel suppliers and other selected departments to start providing RFID tags in an effort to expand the use of technology in the retail space. In early 2023, Walmart announced it was expanding its RFID tagging initiative to more departments & products which will include hardline, home, and entertainment departments across the US.


Boosting Retail Efficiency through Item-Level RFID Implementation

Industry standardization efforts have led to item-level RFID tags being more accessible and more affordable for retailers across the United States. RFID tag was first introduced back in 2005 and since its implementation, there has been a significant decrease in reader and RFID tag prices. Moreover, RFID technology has seen some great ROIs because of the solutions in recent years that increase profitability. 


The price point and the technology are what make the RFID tags appeal to retailers on a global level. With its regular in-stock analysis and reports, RFID makes it much easier for retailers to track an item in case it is lost, if there is theft, etc. Item-level RFID decreases internal shrinkage and allows retailers to control the flow of products better. 


How Perfect-ID can help Walmart suppliers & Vendors

Perfect-ID has established direct partnerships with leading manufacturers of ARC-approved RFID inlays to deliver highly personalized labels and tags tailored to meet your specific requirements.


 Our offerings include a range of Walmart-approved labels and tags available in various sizes, along with the option for custom print and encoding. With our in-depth knowledge of Walmart's RFID supplier mandate, we have successfully assisted numerous suppliers in achieving full compliance. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of competitively priced RFID labels that are ARC certified, meeting the stringent requirements set by Walmart.


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